Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pop Quiz

While hiking on Saturday, Caitlin was..

a. behind the pack for the entire hike
b. wheezing, and wishing sweet death would take her
c. stopping as often as she could to "take pictures"
d. all of the above

(Maybe these pictures can help you decide..)

Now you see me..

Now you don't.


Peggy said...

I say you were definitely taking pictures. What a great view! I'm anxious to get out there, but I'm just so darn afraid of the cold! Hoping it warms up soon...

likeschocolate said...

I say taking the photos, but if it was me and because of the elevation I would be wheezing all the way. Have a great week!

Cate said...

hilarious. hmmm, D.

Cate said...
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