Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep on the sunny side of life..

While I am sick of the snow and cold weather. I did appreciate the beautiful drive to work this morning. All of the trees were covered in snow, well everything was covered in snow. And it was pretty. Really pretty.

Yes, I agree. I agree. Grrr, snow. But I am trying to look on the bright side. It's really stunning. The white everywhere, the white in the mountains. Now don't get me wrong, I am excited for warmer weather like you wouldn't believe. But while we don't have it, I thought I would remind myself of the good things that the snow has to offer..

Like with this colder weather, I can still wear bulky clothes that hide the imperfections on my body, that shorts, and thin t-shirts just can't.

And it makes vegging out more fun. Not to mention I can still drink hot chocolate. Curling up in a blanket and watching t.v. is nice. And when the weather is crappy, it doesn't make me feel as guilty spending time reading and watching t.v. instead of doing things a bit more productive. I mean it's not like I can go jogging outside.

Cold weather is my favorite sleeping weather. When I can crawl under a big blanket and it's not hot at all in the room, but the bed is nice and warm, I sleep really well. I am not looking forward to the hot nights that keep me from sleeping. So for now, I am okay with a bit of cold weather.

But once May comes a knockin' the snow better be long gone. Happy snowy Tuesday!


The VIPs said...

good for you for looking at the bright side- we don't have snow in Idaho but we do have gloomy, rainy skies and cold, cold wind right now. I'm pulling my hair out being stuck inside, but I'll take a page from your book and give looking on the bright side a shot.

Peggy said...

I am trying to look on the bright side of the snow. It's hard though. I hate the cold. But, it IS really beautiful.

Katie said...

I love this weather! And, hopefully, it means less water shortage in the summer! And, maybe the warm weather will last longer into fall.

It really is beautiful!

Bonnie said...

Okay... You're going to lose friends with an attitude like that!! I think it sucks. I would rather be anywhere but utah in the sprinter. Anywhere.

jane said...

so true. snow in april just doesn´t seem serious, does it? hang in there! hugs!