Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog

Today marks the two years I have been blogging. Wow, where does time go? I am so glad I still have a few people reading my blog. It's been quite a year, and I'm happy to have a place to share about it.

Oh and happy April Fools Day! I hope you pull some good pranks. I have never really gotten anyone good. Though in 4th grade I told my friend that a piece of frozen fish was a Popsicle and she believed me, I think she may have even licked it.

Happy April!


Renée said...

Happy Birthday!! Love checking up on you.

Kim said...

The best April fool's joke I ever played: I was pregnant with Liz and had been so sick for so long. I hadn't made dinner in like 3 months. I couldn't stand the smell of food. I had been hospitalized because I lost so much weight from throwing up so often. I kept a yellow tupperware bowl near me at all times. I threw up in that bowl at least 100 times. Well by April 1st I was feeling just a little bit better so of course I thought of playing an April fool's joke. I par boiled some spaghetti noodles...just barely cooked so they would bend. I added some plain ketchup to the 'aldente' noodles so it looked like real spaghetti. Then for the kicker I served it in my throw up bowl! Poor Doug got home from work and was so excited thinking I had actually made him dinner after all that time...alas...good guy that he is, he ATE or tried to eat the bad spaghetti. I on the other hand cried from laughing so hard!
Good times!!!!!

MisterE said...

Happy Blogaversiry!