Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The tallest stalker I have ever met.

(Took this picture while antiquing in Colorado with Bon.)

When I was about 21, I went to a college bbq with some friends. There were tons of people and we were having fun mingling and chatting with people. Well my friend spots this guy that she thinks is incredibly attractive. He was 6'6 so he was hard to miss.

I told her to go and talk to him, but she was nervous, so she asked me if I could go start up a conversation with them and introduce us to him and his friends to get the ball rolling for her. So I agreed and headed over to talk to the group.

After chatting for a while we all talked about hanging out later in the week. That's when "Mr. Tall" asked me for my number. I politely told him he should ask for my friends number, and then he could call her and we could all hang out. My friend pulled me aside and said to just give him my number and then we could all hang out later and maybe she could get to know him better, but it's no big deal if we hit it off. (Which was incredibly cool of her, but I wasn't interested. It wasn't that he wasn't attractive, it was how he treated my friend and me so differently. I didn't love his attitude. It was like he knew he was good looking, and acted in suit.)

But I decided to give him my number thinking he would probably never call, and if he did I would make sure my friend was there. We said our goodbyes and hung out a while longer at the party. Occasionally Mr. Tall would catch my eye and wink at me. Which I found even more of a turn off, because it didn't seem genuine. By the end of the night we had met a few other guys and I had forgotten about Big Foot. (Seriously I had to crane my neck just to look at him.)

Well I had left my phone in my car, and when I got in, I realized I had a message from Mr. Tall. Surprised, since I figured he had asked for a lot of girls numbers. I listened to the message, which seemed really nice and genuine. He had said I was the prettiest girl he had met all night, and wanted to get to know me better. So I thought, hmm, maybe I'll give him a chance.

I decided it was late and I would just call him the next day to set up a group date. Well about two hours later I got a text from him saying "Why haven't you called me back yet?" Which I thought was weird, but I was already in bed, and decided I would figure it out the next day.

I had to work the following day early in the morning, so I was going to call him on my lunch break. When I got out to call him, he had called again. When I listened to the message it was kind of rude.

I quickly called him and he answered. I was a little put off, but thought maybe it had been a misunderstanding. So we talked and I told him I was at work. He asked where I worked and I told him.

{Let's break for a second. I used to work at a hospital in the snack bar.}

Well when I told him, he laughed out loud and said "Where do you really work?" I told him again, and he said "If you work at a hospital snack bar, I'm the manager at McDonald's."

I told him he was going to feel really stupid when he realized that I did indeed work where I said I did. Then asked him how it was working at McDonald's. Scoffing, he said.. "I work at a trucking company." (Like that was some amazing job.)

At this point in the conversation I realized I just wasn't interested. He seemed uppity and disrespectful. So when he asked when we were going to hang out, I told him that I just wasn't feeling it and I was very flattered, but just didn't think it would work out. (I know that seems kind of harsh, but I felt like he was acting like a jerk, he seemed a bit clingy, and I wanted to be honest and not lead him on.)

He huffed something like "Fine, whatever." and we said our goodbyes. I felt kind of bad about it, but figured that would be the end.

Um no, it wasn't the end, little did I know it hadn't even begun. This post is already pretty long, so I will post the rest of the story later this week.

To be continued..


sonya audrey said...

lol what a creeper!!

I have to admit, I have a thing for freakishly tall boys. Hubs is 6'5"-6"6" + I'm only 5'3". HA!

katiekimmcdermott said...

You have me on the edge of my seat!! I can't wait for the conclusion....

Also, 6'6 is too tall.. I had a strict 6'0 to 6'4 rule when I was in the dating world!

Kim said...

Not fair!!!

Jenna said...

ack! now I'm curious!!!

H&M said...

bahahahahahhah!!!!! I love this one! It made me laugh out loud just reading it!!! Seriously Cait!

Also, I left you a Hector message so it must have been memories of Cottonwood day today, funny!

Name this one: Can I get a Caity with a cherry on top?

Katie said...

Oh my gosh.. I'm laughing so hard, especially after ready Miss Holli's comment.

You can't really expect us to wait to hear the rest, can you?

MisterE said...

I am sorry if I came off uppity...no wait I wasn't that tall when we met. Nevermind please finish your story.

Cate said...

wait, later this week? caitlin, that's just wrong!

P.S. said...

You can't leave us hanging like that!!!
I love this photo though!