Thursday, October 1, 2009

The details life offers. {Kind of like the samples Costco hands out on weekends.}

(Taken on my way home from circuit training. The one nice thing about waking up early.. you get to catch those heavenly sunrises.)

Today I'm thankful for the little things. I'm thankful for the radiant sun that streams through our tree lined street. I'm thankful for the brisk air in the mornings.

Thankful for the little "me time" I got last night. Which included staying up late, curled up on the sofa in a cozy fleece blanket watching So You Think You Can Dance and Modern Family. The house wasn't hot, there weren't any air conditioners on, it was that perfect snuggly blanket weather. (Don't you wish that was a term the weather man used?.. "And on Wednesday, a little snuggly blanket weather, with a touch of a comfy oversized sweater front.")

I'm thankful that I get to organize. (I'm a bit obsessed with organizing. You know that saying.. Everything in it's place? That is kind of like my motto.) This weekend I intend to get up early and start the move to the new apartment. I get to find places for all of our belongings. I get to unpack all of my winter stuff and pack away all of those swimsuits. (I never did look as good in those swimsuits as I do in my puffy vest and scarf anyway.)

I'm thankful I get to sprinkle the little touches of Fall into my new apartment. Light those candles and let the smell of pumpkin and spices wander into each room. Put the festive wreath on the door, and maybe even lug a couple of gourds out to the balcony.

I'm obviously thankful for the big stuff. My husband, family, friends.. but today I can't help but feel thankful for the extras that give my life more of a richness and luxury.

I am soaking this short fall season up. I'm drinking it in. Loving the vibrant yellow leaves, the chilly blue sky, the slight dusting of snow on the very tippy tops of the mountains. Yep, today it's all about the details. Happy October!


The VIPs said...

love it.

caitlin said...

You inspired me to start thinking about this. Thank you!

Peggy said...

What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing. I love organizing too. In fact, my favorite thing about moving is getting to put everything in its new place. Enjoy it!

P.S. said...

My favorite part of this post is the title! I love the samples at Costco. They are the appetizer and the yummy pizza is the entree and then frozen yogurt for dessert. Better than a five star restaurant if you ask me!

Ida Nielsen said...

Inspiring post. Thank you!!

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

It may be because of my current predicament, but this post totally almost made me cry. Lovely, lovely, lovely Caitlin. Thanks for being thankful when some of us find it difficult.

Love the picture. Love your blog. Love you. (Was that creepy? Hopefully not....)

Anyway, again I've been neglecting commenting, but I hope you get all these!!!!