Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have a zombie sleeping in my bed.

Well school has started, Bob's fully entrenched in it. So much that we say a quick goodbye in the morning while I'm half asleep, and usually don't see each other until right before bed, where Bob is so tired he mumbles something about ilovegoodnightsleeptoyou.

It's okay, we're making it work. Luckily we see each other on weekends, and sometimes get to have dinner together during the week. Since we're on such different schedules we have been pretty wiped out and tired lately. For instance, I have noticed something strange with us when we first wake up.. I think we're turning into zombies. (cue lightning crash and distant shriek)

The alarm goes off and Michael Jackson's Thriller, comes on. We stumble around clumsily in the darkness, we groan and have a hard time waking up enough to really say anything coherent. Then we try to get ready for the day, but my hair usually ends up looking like I just crawled out of a grave.

Don't worry, we're not to that flesh eating phase yet. At least I don't think we are. (insert ghoulish laughter.) Man I wish this blog had sound effects sometimes.


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

hee hee. we have a policy not to talk about anything very important in the morning- my husband's morning mind just can't take it and usually I am so distracted with the kid taht I only finish half of my thoughts.

Hang in there and enjoy your weekends to the fullest :)!

Peggy said...

What's he studying?

And please don't start eating flesh. That would be gross.

caitlin said...

He's studying Business @ the U. He's got some really hard classes this semester. But he get's a break next week. So that will be nice.

(I'm a pretty picky eater, there's no worries on the flesh thing :)

Eric said...

If Bob turns into a zombie can he still play video games with me? He'll know what I am refering to.

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

Hey, I never see my husband too!! We should hang out while they do boring homework. The only problem is, that since my biggest fear in life is cannibals, and flesh eating zombies fall into a close category, I may never be able to hang out with you ever again!

lol. just kidding.
funny post. you crap me up. i can just imagine you and bob dancing around to thriller in the morning, half asleep.

P.S. said...

You guys should have started doing the Monster Mash! "He did the mash, he did the monster mash."

The VIPs said...

serious- you're hilarious