Friday, October 9, 2009

The hippo fiasco

Last night Bob and I moved some stuff out of my parents basement, that they have so kindly let me store for a while.

Well when I was younger I would collect Hippopotamuses. Not the giant 4500 pound creatures, but the stuffed, wooden, and even occasional magnet variety. They're my favorite animal, and for a while there, for every birthday I would get Hippo's from everyone. I eventually grew out of that, and realized I have no where to put everything, but I wanted to keep them for my kids to play with.

Well when I asked Bob to take the enormous box of hippo paraphernalia to the car. He told me I was trying to take away his manhood by having those in the house.

"But what about when we have kids?!"

"We'll give them a Metallica shirt to play with. And further more, what person in their right mind saw a ferocious wild animal like the hippo, and decided to make it into a plush toy with a tutu? I'm telling you right now it was a woman."

Bob may have a little surprise when he gets in his car today. I might have innocently propped a stuffed hippo on his steering wheel.


katiekimmcdermott said...

Oh tell Bob that he is lucky that apparently you have outgrown your hippo phase. I am still fully into my favorite stuffed animals. My elephant, Peanut, comes with us on every vacation. And when I'm sad or sick I usually HAVE to have at least one or two of my besties in bed with me.

Just tell Bob that it could always be worse- He could be married to me!!!

Our kids will be so happy when they inherit our collections.

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

love it
that's what he gets for dissing the hippo.

P.S. said...

I love that you actually kept them. I always said I was going to do that and eventually ended up donating everything. Oh how I wish I still had all my thousands of barbies!

And what a thoughtful gift for Elle to start her collection off right! I wish you had told everyone this at her party.

The VIPs said...

yep- hilarious. You're on a roll

MisterE said...

I think you should have a hippo room at your new place! Yes, that sounds like a great idea.

jane said...

haha! i love the conversations you two have. happy weekend. p.s. i hate to side with bob... but he does have a point... :)

Ida Nielsen said...

Haha!!! Try to sneak a picture of him as he enters the car :-D