Friday, September 18, 2009

Wow, that looked pretty bad.

Remember in Clueless where Tai walks into the party and falls down the stairs, and then the random guy comes up to her and says "Are you okay? That looked pretty bad."

That's the first thing that popped into my head when I fell at the grocery store this week..

The other night it was pouring rain and I stopped to get a 12 pack of Sprite and a gallon of milk. It was so crowded that there wasn't much parking, so I definitely had an audience for the ever so graceful swan dive.

I was wearing flip flops and totally slid coming out of the store and fell hard. My legs went flailing, I dropped the box, and cans went flying all over. All the while cursing and slumped on the ground I tried to gather the scattered Sprite cans.

That's when I hear, "Wow, it's slippery out here, are you okay?" When I looked up I saw a chubby 15 year old kid in a Metallica shirt staring down at me.

I was so embarrassed and was trying to get out of there. I mumbled something like "Yeah thanks." but when I looked back up, he had already left and was quickly getting into a car. It was bizarre because tons of people were watching and not one of them said anything except for this kid and it wasn't like he was helping me gather the cans and help me up, he was almost just making an observation.

When I got home I relayed the story to Bob and he just sat silent for a minute and then said "Wow, it's incredible how often this stuff happens to you." "You know winter is coming up, and with all the ice maybe we should invest in getting you some knee pads and a helmet."


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

na, you just need those 'shoe chains' so you dn't slip- or you could be totally homebound for the season.
Ths would totaly happen to me, my husband thinks I should wear a helmet most of the time.

Kim said...

Buying Sprite was your first problem...where was the DC????
Maybe drinking Sprite has caused you to lose your balance...:)

Kids today haven't been taught or just haven't learned chivalry!

jane said...

hahaha! i´m totally into helmets... i make daniel wear one when he plays soccer... juuust kidding... (i´m hoping if daniel was there he would have helped you out...)

MisterE said...

Didn't this happen to you once with Diet Coke as well? I had a co-worker that bought Yak Tracks to prevent from falling. I will look into it for you. You could wear them year round.

Cris said...

that happen to me once, when i was in college. i was late for a class and i fell on stairs. nobody ask me if i was all rigth, not even the teacher that i was running to get in to the class!!
the kid looks strange but at least he's polite!!!

happy weekend!!

Bonnie said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry! You and I should not be allowed to go shopping without an accompanying adult! I have a helmet you can borrow... it might help. Or maybe we should have joint custody of it.

Heather said...

now i completely understand why you and bonnie are friends..... and please borrow the helmet, i am afraid ella might think its normal that her mom has a helmet for walking!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Oops... Never heard about Clueless... but I see the fall !! :( I'm sure Bob got a precious sense of humour... but not sure you laughed at once... Be carefull !!

ibb said...

hahaha! I know some modish helmets...and chain shoes are not bad idea.
Take care of yourself! And next time let that metallica kid help you.

katiekimmcdermott said...

I fall down all the time. And every single time I make this little squeal that is a cross between a baby and bacon before it died....

At least someone asked if you were ok. Usually people just laugh at me or stare..