Monday, September 28, 2009


Highlights from this weekend:

- Fresh peach shake and a Krispy Kreme doughnut run (Apparently my thinking was I needed to eat enough to hibernate for the winter.. is that called food storage?)

- Sleeping in

- Watching the cheesiest "horror/slasher" flick starring Mischa Barton (I couldn't help it! It sucked me in with how bad it was!)

- Breakfast in bed

It's a beautiful day outside today, I love this time of year. Happy Monday!


likeschocolate said...

Lucky you minus the stupid movie! I can't stand those kind of movies.

jane said...

sounds great. that fresh peach shake sounds delicious... besos!

Heather said...

peach shake got me jealous, but BREAKFAST IN BED?!?!! Come on I didn't realize people out there were really that lucky! Sounds like fun!

Peggy said...

Yes. I would definitely call it food storage. And I think we all should stock up!

jgy said...

Peach shake...yum!