Friday, September 25, 2009

A little story to send you off on your weekend..

(Me, Alana, and Julia U of U game)

Long ago.. long before I met Robert. Long before I started this fun little blog. I was young, single and was having fun dating a bunch of different guys. (I wasn't a playyah.. but I had a little game... wow. I am so white.)

Well I was dating this guy casually, while I was dating another guy kind of seriously. (Don't judge me.. the other guy knew I was still dating around.) The one time in my life I did that. And of course I got busted for it. But that will come later. This certain gentleman was a cute guy, that I dated a few times and had fun with, but it just never got serious. One of the classic cases of.. just not meant to be.

The funny thing about this guy in particular, is that I would constantly embarrass myself in front of him. Three instances come to mind..

1. We had been on a couple dates, and were playing pool in my parents basement. When a conversation came up. The topic? When was the last time (mom plug your ears) I made out with a guy? Of course he had to ask that question, because I was just getting more serious with another guy who later became my boyfriend. And of course OF COURSE he asked that when I had just kissed this other guy the night previous. I didn't want to lie, so I quietly mumbled "It might have been last night." Luckily he laughed and we continued the night. (Without kissing)

2. Then I started dating the other guy and I kind of lost track of this guy. Well after guy number 2 and I broke up, I started seeing this guy around. I happened to get tickets to an event downtown at the last minute. I was already downtown, so I called him up to see if he wanted to meet me there and join me for the event. He said yes, and drove a separate car downtown. When the event was over he offered to drive me to my car. Well the area was packed and I drive a white Honda Accord. Needless to say there were about a million parked white Honda's. After driving around forever, I finally find my car. (so I thought)

We said our goodbye's and I got out of the car. Unfortunately as I approached I realized it wasn't my car. I started walking really slowly and hoped he wouldn't be a gentleman and wait for me to get into the car. No such luck. I muttered under my breath "See ya!" and fumbled for my keys in my purse, hoping he would drive away. After about a couple minutes I hear him call out "That's not your car is it?". I slowly turned around with my head down, embarrassed. Once again he was super nice and said "Get back in the car!"

3. We don't see each other for a couple weeks and then I happened to see him at a football game. A very loud football game. He's quite a few rows in front of me, but turns around waves and smiles. My sorority sister nudges me and asks who he is. I tell him we had gone on a couple dates, but that's it. She replies with, "He's hot!." Which I agree, and then I kind of forget about him. Later on I catch another glimpse and lean over to her and say "He really is hot." That conversation goes on much longer than it should. Why you ask? Well because it turns out his best friend was standing directly in front of me, heard the whole conversation, and of course told him everything I had said. I find out later and realize that's the last straw. I'm going to hide the next time I see him.

Unfortunately the next time we ran into each other, I stopped and turned in the other direction, just in time for him to see and call out to me. I stopped, mumbled hello, and said something about needing to get home to study, but it was nice seeing him. And then darted for the door. Yes, I realize I could have handled that a lot better, but what can I say? I was nineteen, 19 year olds do stupid things.

I love looking back on funny dating stories. I can laugh now, and it makes me so grateful I ended up with who I did. My girlfriends always crack up when I tell them my crazy dating stories, and one, the other day mentioned I should start blogging them. That way my kids can make fun of me when they read them down the line. So stay tuned.. I have been going through old pictures lately and cracking up as the memories come flooding back. Have a good weekend! Hope it's free from embarrassment and you can all find your cars!


Amber said...

Ha ha ha you are such a dork! I love that I know this boy, it makes it that much more funny!

P.S. said...

Oh I love your awkwardness. Well I love awkwardness by anyone as long as it's not my own! Hysterical.

likeschocolate said...

traitor!!! he hee. Acutally, I really don't care who wins, but wanted to tease you.

Jeannette said...

I love stories like these...keep them coming! ;)
I thought it was all kind of sweet.
Have a nice Sunday!

katiekimmcdermott said...

I love dating stories. They are always so good. I would love to hear more of yours... I bet they are priceless! :)