Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grown {Up}

They say there will be snow in the mountains tomorrow. Wow, this year is just zipping by. I can't believe in just a couple months it's going to be Thanksgiving and Christmas, and in just a few short weeks, Halloween. The holiday's are upon us. I seriously feel weird typing that. It seems like I was just playing on the beach in the scorching sun.

How is it possible that I am almost 27? Sure, not that old, but when you still feel 19, and you remember being 16 like it was yesterday. Seriously doesn't it feel like time is going by way faster than usual? Oh to have a time machine. I think today I would head back to the time when I would play dress ups, line up my dolls in a row and teach class, and serve plastic food to Barbie and her friends in the Barbie Mansion. (with the moving elevator)

I guess today I am feeling reflective, and wondering when I grew up. Do you ever feel like that? Like, when was I debriefed and prepared for being an adult and the trials that sometimes accompany it? Cause I'm telling you right now if there was a class, I missed it. Maybe it was the same week as that maturation party. The whole thing was a tad confusing. I mean they were handing out deodorant and telling us about our bodies in front of our moms. I probably blocked that whole week out.


katiekimmcdermott said...

Hey, I still feel 19 too!!! Funny.... No wonder we get along so well. I am totally blog-slacking so I'm leaving comments on like your last few posts. I always read them from my phone but it's hard to comment from there. So I am "borrowing" the laptop while Rylee sleeps. I still (heart) your blog and it always makes me smile!

P.S. said...

Love the top photo. Well, like the other one too but you know what I mean.

Time does have a funny way of moving. Too slow during hard times and too fast during the good times. Elle's first year went by faster than I ever knew possible.

Peggy said...

You know, you don't need a time machine to break out the Barbies. I say play anyway! The tiny Barbie forks and spoons are my personal favorites.

Bonnie said...

I know what you mean! Especially with Ella, I feel like time is flying by. Maybe it's because I never sleep... but I swear I missed that class too. Geez, thanks mom. Rockin' picture, by the way! You look rad.