Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Far from perfect.

Do you ever feel the need to be perfect? Okay, not perfect. I know no one is. But sometimes it feels like I'm not doing enough, and when I look around, other are.

Every day my brain goes a mile a minute thinking..

- Is my house clean?

- Oh, I need to do my hair and put on makeup.

- Man, I need to lose some weight.

- Have I been serving others enough?

- Have I been spending enough time with my mom and dad?

- Visiting my grandparents?

- Keeping in touch with my in laws out of state enough?

- I need to get some groceries.

- Was I just snippy with my husband?

- I haven't seen my friends in forever, I should make time to see them.

- Did I pay rent?

- Why isn't my cable working?

- Oh yeah I should blog something today.

- Did I pray? (On my knees?)

- Am I thankful enough?

- I should dress better.

- Was I nice enough to my customers today?

- Should I get another job?

- Did I watch too much t.v. ?

- I need to work out.

- Mmm, chocolate cake.

My brain does this and I start to get a little tense that I'm not doing enough. That I could do so much more, if I just had the energy.

Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? Are there energy pills I don't know about? Does it have something to do with that dang Energizer bunny? Cause I'm telling you right now, Bob might have a problem with me bringing home a pink rabbit who plays a drum non-stop.


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

you are so not alone-
just throw a baby into the mix and then.. well, then you can just forget it because you brain is mush.

actually though, I like to make lists and then when I check stuff off I feel all accomplished and what not-
And then if that doesn't work I just like to sit in the crazy of it all and breathe and realize that it is is what it is and I am alive!

trinsch said...

yup, know the feeling. maybe we just need to add one more item to that list: did i remember to praise myself and the good things i have done today?

H&M said...

So sorry, I hate that kind of stuff. For me, I was going through a shame/guilt spiral a while ago and after doing some scriptures and prayer work on it, I realized that those feelings come from Satan because he wants us to feel inadequate. The opposite to shame/guilt is hope in Christ. It took some time for me to practice getting out of the shame and guilt and using hope as my motivator of doing things instead but it has really made a difference for me. God knows your potential and what you can accomplish in a day and he wants you to know how capable you are and what you CAN do, so focus what you can do and change what things you are able to, otherwise, leave the rest with Jesus and have hope that it will all work out. :) Spiritual thought of the day :)

Ida Nielsen said...

Totally know the feeling. Usually, after thinking all those thoughts, I also get frustrated because I'm using time on thinking about all the things I should do, when I could've used that 'thinking time' on doing, a confusing sentence, hope you get it ;-)

likeschocolate said...

I know this feeling very very well. I have been feeling this way to and just simply overwhelmed.

Demara said...

lol do we live the same life? oh dear.