Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tom the Polite Peeper

A couple of days ago Bob and I woke up to find the light in our bedroom on. Well half on, kind of like dimmed. When we woke up we both asked each other why the light was on. Well it turned out neither one of us had turned it on. (or remembered turning it on)

So of course I started to freak out.

"Bob! That's creepy!"

"Why is it creepy?"

"Because someone else turned it on.. or something else!"

"Caity, really don't you think it's more logical that we don't remember, or it got bumped or something?" "Or maybe it's an electrical issue?" "I mean what other explanation is there?"

"It could have been a peeping Tom watching us sleep."

" Oh okay, well that's logical, that's fine then."

" That doesn't bother you? Someone was in our room watching you sleep, and that doesn't bother you?!"

"No, I don't mind. I mean he seems pretty polite, he locked the door after he left and was quiet."

"Well he didn't turn off the light."

"If that's the worst thing that happened, I'm okay with him stopping by."

"Fine, but he's chipping in on the electricity bill."


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

tee hee.
we have a light in our room that just turns itself on and off at random. freaks me out every time!

P.S. said...

At my old house we had a light that would turn on and off on it's own and I just got used to it and never discussed it with anyone. Years later, D commented on the house saying, "oh the house with the ghost living there." Long pause, raised eyebrow look. Then he burst out, "You have to know that your house had a ghost! It was so obvious!"
And thus I found out my husband not only believes in ghosts he thinks he can "feel" them. SERIOUSLY. I'll send him over to check it out.

katiekimmcdermott said...

Have I told you before how great you are? There have been so many times when you have made my day.. Thanks for the much needed smiles!

Jeannette said...

Reading this post made me realize how I have been missing blogging. The fun and the laughter I get from reading posts like this one. Thanks!
♥ Jeannette

Bonnie said...

too funny !

melissa said...

At least the only thing he was watching was you sleeping...hee hee.

Ida Nielsen said...

Haha, you guys crack me up!!

Kim said...

You live in an old house...I'm going with ghost!

likeschocolate said...

We had a peeping Tom looking in on us when we first got married. My husband tried to chase him, but we never got him. After that I never felt safe and always made sure that the curtains were closed. However, I think one of you walks in your sleep.