Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shoplifter's never prosper..

I thwarted a shoplifter. Yes, that's right I saw a girl stuffing the goods into her pockets and I went right up to her and did one of those cool spin kicks and hit her in the stomach, causing her to fall to the ground and everything came spilling out of her pockets. Then I noticed I was surrounded by strangers who were clapping for my good deed.

Okay, so it might not have happened exactly that way..

I was waiting in line at a grocery store trying to buy pumpkins and there was a girl in front of me trying to buy a tube of lipstick. She wouldn't move forward so I could put the heavy pumpkins on the conveyor belt thing, so I was getting a little mad and may have wanted to kick her. When it's her turn to check out, some brand new makeup comes spilling out of her pocket. She didn't make a move to grab it (obviously not wanting to get caught) So I picked it up and very loudly said "Hey, I think you dropped this." She got super flustered and said "Oh thanks." Then she tries to keep holding it and not pay for it. (Which I felt was a creative and equally bizarre tactic.)

The girl checking her out was fuming and told her she was going to have to ring that up. Then went over to get her manager. Busted.
Yeah, that's right I'm a crime fighter. (On the way out I chucked one of my pumpkins at her... okay the pumpkin thing didn't happen, but it would have in the movies.)


JULiE said...

You could also have tried my favorite tactic would have been karate chopping her and then running. That's a favorite here at the stubblefield house.

Katie said...


Scott and Lindsey said...

Hey, I'm still game for tomorrow. I'm about to go to a shoot, so I will give you a call on the way there!
P.S. Kudos on your crime fighting. I will have to remember not to shoplift around you :)

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly said...

you SOOOO should have kicked her and threw a pumpkin at her. ha ha ha just kidding.

Coleman Family said...

Go Caity, go Caity, you should join the swat team or something that way you really could of kicked her.

MisterE said...

You should have asked her if she needed help getting all the other items you saw her put into her purse. Or asked her if she got her bag from Mary Poppins since you were pretty sure you saw her put a tv in there.