Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interesting discovery #1

So as you know, we are packing up our apartment for the move. I must say it's been rather entertaining to find things that (A) I didn't know I had to begin with (B) Things I had completely forgotten about and (C) Things I have a strange affection for, and can't bear to part with.

I may decide to make this a temporary thing to post on if I keep finding ridiculous things like I did last night. Let me explain.. I was cleaning out our fridge and found this..

Doesn't look that strange right? Well I pulled it out and realized that someone had given this to us as part of a wedding gift. Yes, yes I have had it in my fridge for over two years. I am sure we would have used it had we noticed it.

So I decided it's like a fine wine that only gets better with age. If anyone wants to come over to my apartment, I can make you an ice cream sundae with some refined topping.


Katy said...

You shold have a moving party, whwere we all come help you pack and then you can use it at the party. Im sure it would be great on Ice cream or brownies or both. haha I guess im hungry right now.

caitlin said...

The only thing is that I wouldn't want to actually kill the people that were helping me move. Bad karma y'know? ;)

MisterE said...

I think it is like a Twinkie, it doesn't go bad.

Matt 'n Amy said...

LOL. I think I gave you that stuff. Sex baskets...i mean..."wedding baskets" ha ha.