Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Third Anniversary

For our anniversary, I woke up to my eyes being so puffy (from the aforementioned puffer fish sunburn) that I couldn't even open them. I rolled over, Bob laughed and said "Oh we so need a picture of that."

I quickly ran into the bathroom to see the damage. Bob nicely got me some medication and ice so I could try to take the swelling down. While I iced my face, he snuck out and bought us some breakfast to eat it in bed.

When he came back my face was still pretty swollen, but at least I could open my eyes. I was a little distraught that this was happening on our anniversary. I was planning to dress up, put on makeup, look awesome for the day. Uh, yeah that wasn't gonna happen. I asked Bob if he was sad he had to celebrate our anniversary with the monster from the Goonies.

He told me I was silly, that I was always beautiful to him, and then gave me the sweetest anniversary card. We exchanged gifts. (He gave me a darling pair of shoes, and some yummy perfume.) (I gave him a wallet and surprised him with tickets to the Killers in Colorado for September.) We ate our breakfast, and then I donned a pair of big sunglasses. That I continued to wear into the late night. (Yes, I got some weird looks, but it was better than people thinking my husband beats me.)

That night we went to an awesome restaurant on the cliffs of La Jolla. We had a great view, and some of the best food I think I have ever had. I even liked the mussels Bob ordered. I had some fried plantains with creme that was seriously like heaven in my mouth.

And of course we had to end the night with creme brulee. SERIOUSLY AMAZING. It had a yummy orange cookie on top too. Seriously though..I could eat about 15 creme brulee's. Why are they so small??

In spite of the sunburn, the day was so fun and romantic. Bob even drove me to this yummy ice cream place (that had homemade waffle cones) late that night because I was jones'n for some butter pecan. That day made me realize how lucky I was to marry a man three years ago that is perfect. (Perfect for me.)


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

very sweet.
hope your sun burn is feeling better!
happy third!

Amber said...

I hope you took a picture of the sunburn cause I'd like to see that! Sounds like you had a great anniversary! Here's to many more!

Jess said...

So cute! I love it!

katiekimmcdermott said...

i'm sure you didn't look like a puffer fish... I hope you still had a great anniversary.. I know about your anniversary not being exactly like you want it to be. I ended up in the doctor's office on ours this year..

Glad you had some "to-die-for" foods.

The VIPs said...

Way cute post- looks like you had fun!

(L-O-V-E creme brulee)

P.S. said...

Sounds delish! Can I come on your next anniversary get away?

Ida Nielsen said...

Sounds like the anniversary trip/day of my dreams- minus sunburn of course! I hope you've 'de-swollen' by now ;-)

sunnymama said...

Happy Anniversary! I think I could eat 15 of the creme brulee too :)