Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blame the Gnome.

If you know my mother, you know she is a fabulous cook. She can whip up a recipe in her head, and when you taste it, you think it came from a Martha Stewart mag.

The other night I decided I was going to "whip" something up. I mean, if my mom can do it, I should have some inherited gene to help me out. I used some basic ingredients, and part of another recipe.. then put my own Caity spin on it.

I assembled the recipe, covered it in tin foil and tossed it in the oven. So many things went wrong with the dish. I won't go into detail, except to say that when Bob ate it, he said "Hm, it's good, it just needs salt." (Followed by him shaking half the salt shaker onto the goop.)

Here's what I think happened.

The oven gnome didn't deem my offering worthy. You know about oven gnomes right? The one that lives in the back of your oven, and when you go to cook something, he decides if he is going to let it burn, or let it be eaten.

Well I want to exchange my gnome, it seems like a lot of the time I cook, he kills it. I was thinking about fishing the one out of my moms oven, and exchanging it for my naughty one. Ooh or I could try to get my hands on Martha's. Eh on second thought.. maybe not. Hers would probably talk in a British accent and scold me for not using the proper dish.


Courtney said...
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Kim said...

You can have mine...he has nothing to do. :)

MisterE said...

You can borrow my gnome but you should know that his hands seem to be stuck in his pockets. Might make for some interesting meals.