Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Want to know an awesome thing about me? I have an incredible memory. I always have. I can remember things from years and years ago.. which is funny that I married Robert, who can't always remember what happened last week. (But that's a post for another day.)

Want to know a horrible thing about me? With my awesome memory skills, there is one glitch if you will. Birthday's. It seems like everything to do with birthday's escapes me. I have the hardest time remembering birthday's and how old people are. I sometimes even forget how old I am. I am seriously afraid when I have a baby I am going to forget how many months they are. Because as we all know.. you have to say how many months your baby is until they are approximately five. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Anyway. . the point. Sophia (my niece) makes it easy on me. Her birthday is just a short while after my anniversary. So I always know how old she is. It's great! (I sound like a horrible person don't I?)

So we celebrated Sophia's birthday this weekend. Let's say first off it was far too cold to have an outdoor birthday party. Sure we were huddled in blankets. But the food was good. And my mom once again outdid herself on the cake. (Sophia still misses our dog that passed away a while ago, so when my mom asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she told her a Roamin' cake.)

The party was even more fun because I got to enjoy my little ones. (But don't ask me how old they are, or when their birthday's are.. because I will have a panic attack.)

Sophia loves dogs, and it seems like that was what the majority of her presents were. We got her a poofy dog that goes in a purse for her to carry. (It sounds like we are encouraging her to be Paris Hilton isn't it?) It was a great party. Happy Birthday Sophia!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute birthday girl - love the cake too!


Anil P said...

Fun cake. Such innocence, the birthday girl.

Birthdays have always escaped me, not that I have a very good memory otherwise.

Bootcamp said...

glad I'm not the only birthday space cadet. you are so great! Ella wants you to know that her birthday is a month and 12 days before your anniversary sso you better remember it!

Bonnie said...

p.s. that comment was me... sometimes my alter-ego takes over

Guusje said...

Such a cool cake!!!!

Happy Birthday!

likeschocolate said...

She is daarling!

Kim said...

I love Sophia and you guys did such a good job with her hair. BTW...where was Bob?

caitlin said...

He was doing stuff for his finals for school. (My mom did her hair, I loved it!)

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable! The sad thing is your memory only gets worse with each child... (at least for me!)

have a fun day!