Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome Baby Ella "Jella Bean"

(Baby Ella Burrito shot taken by me with Bon and Jon's digital camera)

Our dear friends Bon and Jon just welcomed the sweetest little babe into the world. I'm addicted. Congrats guys!

Alana and I went out to do a little photo shoot of her this weekend. I shot with Ms. Holga. I needed to make sure she still works so I can take her to San Diego in August. The one scary thing about shooting with film, is I can't make sure I'm getting a good shot until it's developed. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some sweet holga pictures to show you.

*To see the fabulous shots Alana got, click here.


Anonymous said...

Oh - so sweet!


P.S. said...

I loved shooting with you!
You always have the best photo styling ideas. We should tag team all the time!

Joyce said...

Oh baby Ella is beautiful! Great photo you took! xoxo

fivecutekids said...

Baby burritos are my FAVORITE!