Friday, June 26, 2009

Who Wore It Best?

Tuesday night Eric came downtown to take pictures and suggested we eat at Charlie Chows. (Mm.. Mongolian Grill) You know how in those magazines they show a couple of celebrities wearing the same thing and they pose the question.. Who wore it best? Well apparently my glasses were that item, and these two girls...cough cough.. I mean guys are facing off in simplycaitlin's version of..

Oh man, you can see how serious this battle is. This was so entertaining for me, I may make this a regular post on my blog. We're headed to a BBQ tonight.. maybe whoever wins this battle can go up against Jon. The challenge? Who can sport the same apron more fiercely?


P.S. said...

My vote goes to Eric. Those modeling classes he is taking are sure paying off.

Cris Siqueira said...

that's a very funny battle!!
i don't know the ansewr... is so hard!!
great weekend caitlin

Bonnie said...

i think caity wore it best! But i have an apron we can try out tonight! :)

H&M said...

I think Eric! He looks fabulous!! :)

MisterE said...

I vote Bob,if I am allowed a vote that is. Also I am sure Diana will read something into this! Thanks for the fun times tonight and the mayo free pasta salad, it was appreciated!!

P.S. said...

I la la love your new header by the way. Seriously I think it is my fav so far.