Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Grandaddy

(Peeps Post #10)

Someone asked me a little while ago when I was going to do another peeps post. I try not to do it too often, mainly because I want them to be special. And it takes me a while to do them, because I want to include everything I love about each person. Which is hard! Anyway, here we go..

Meet my Grandaddy.. Dewey Black.

Look how handsome he was when he was younger. (Not that he isn't now.. I still think he looks rather dapper.)

My Grandpa has Parkinson's Disease. It's something that he has had to deal with for quite a while. It has not exactly been a fun thing. My Grandpa has always been very active. He loves golf. Wait.. he LOVES golf. Later in life he got into bowling and pool. I always thought it was so cool that my Grandaddy was a bowler. None of my friends Grandpa's did that. (Not to mention doing anything with Parkinson's is a trial.)

For as long as I can remember my Grandaddy had sold cars. He and his son (my uncle) owned Black's Auto Sales. I would love to go to his car lot and visit him at work and play. It was right next door to a gas station and I would go over and get treats and have adventures.

I have been lucky that since my Grandpa has retired we have grown closer. Some of my favorite memories with him are the bowling league we were in together or when he would come over to my parents house and we would play pool and just talk. My Grandpa always puts up with my shenanigans. He let's me tease him and since he has a full head of hair has even let me style it from time to time. (I have a picture, but can't find it at the moment)

Once I had to do a paper in college about Parkinson's and I wanted to include a picture of him with it. When I went over to his house, we had a full photo shoot. He is always willing to take goofy pictures and laugh with me.

When I think of my Grandpa and his most memorable physical traits. The first thing that comes to mind is his hands. They kind of curve at the knuckles and are big and soft. Even now when I help him out to the car his hand dwarfs mine. He hasn't been in the best of health lately and has needed more help. He lives in an assisted living place. One night I was there just watching golf with him and holding his hand. As his hand shook from the Parkinson's my mind reflected on all the good times we have had together and I was overcome with happiness. I love my Grandaddy. I love his voice. I love his deep laugh. I love how he says things like "How in the sam hill!? ". I love how he taunts dogs and makes them bark. I love the time I have been blessed to share with him and continue to share with him. I am proud to have him as my Grandaddy.

This will always remain my favorite picture of the two of us. I love you Grandaddy.


Jess said...

So sweet. You have me tearing up. I love that!

jane said...

ok can´t see the key board through the tears. my dad also had parkinson´s so i know what it´s like to see someone you love struggle with it. powerful post caitlin.:)

travelingmama said...

This is just the absolute sweetest post ever! I'm sure you mean the world to him too!

H&M said...

That was so sweet!!

MODsquad said...

Oh, Caitlin, that I so utterly sweet!

trinsch said...

what a beautiful post! you had me completely tearing up. how lucky you are, to have him as your grand dad. and how lucky he is, to have you as his grand daugther.

djb said...

Ditto about the tears. Thanks for this post.

MisterE said...

Great post!