Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Weekend

Wow, this weekend was a busy blur. It went something like this..

- bbq'd with friends.. got to munch on ella bean and london bug.

- went shopping at this fun market with my mom and bon. (we may have stopped at krispy kreme too)

- went long boarding in the city with my hub and had my first fall. (i just love falling down when people are watching)

- played frisbee in the park. (a random dog stole one of bob's flip flops, slobbered on it and then politely returned it..)

- went on a date with my husband in our front room. which consisted of us watching Conan and eating pizza.

-kept bob company while he fixed the bronco. afterward we grilled and ate pasta salad. my husband is a master griller.

with all the busy-ness of this weekend i forgot to take any pictures. well except this one. which i love and am shocked bob actually posed for. what can i say?.. he loves me. Happy Monday!


The VIPs said...

your date with Bob in your living room with pizza and Conan sounds perfect

Jess said...

So fun! I love those bbq's!

Kim said...

Yippee for Bob posing...he's such a poser!!!

melissa said...

Oh you two lovebirds. We had the same kind of weekend. Lot of stuff, not many pictures. Sounds like you had a good time! Maybe I'll do a post like this one.

I swear I saw you at Home Depot this weekend. Then I realized it was just a mirage.

jane said...

just stopped by to tell you that you are a nut! :) your weekend sounds perfect! hugs!

June said...

You had a great week end, So did I. I received your exchange pkg. We were tending 3 grandkids for 5 day's and they loved it too. The three flags joined two others in a little vase, Mae, (granddaughter) placed the gel flag on her chosen spot on a wall, the gum was enjoyed by all, the beach towel was used while little kids played in the water in the back yard, and the frame, which arrived in perfect shape, will be the home of a picture of grandkids from the up coming 4th of July weekend. Sooooo nice.
And thank you for including a contact address to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

June Marchant

June said...

And Thank you for the cookbook, we love to grill too and can't wait to try a few new recipes.

caitlin said...

June, you're welcome.. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

P.S. said...

I love this pic. You need to hang it on your wall or somewhere like in your closet where only you would see it. My favorite pic of us hangs in our closet. It's nice because it's like it's just for us.
I think I'm taking a break from blog land for awhile, but I'm excited to catch up with you when I get back. I'm think this is what they call being down and out.