Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random little list for a Tuesday post.

(random little picture of russ, me, and eric way too late at night. Why is it the weirdest pictures happen after 10 p.m.?)

- I have a weird thing about returning the carts at grocery stores to the cart stalls. It drives me crazy to keep them by your car.

- I think one of the worst and most painful things ever is when water goes up your nose. Is this what they're talking about when they refer to water torture??

- I make the weirdest squinty face when I'm concentrating. It is no doubt, the ugliest face you have ever seen. I wish I was more aware of it when I do it. Seriously, I look semi handicapped.

- I would rather poke needles in my eye than be in a tight enclosed space. I am incredibly claustrophobic and it gets worse the older I get.

- I think I am the worst person in the world at math. Seriously, it's time we all know who it is... ME

- When I look at signs for a long period of time I try to scramble the letters to make other words, and I constantly think of how you would pronounce a word backward. I think I get this from my dad.

- I have always secretly wanted one of those cute high pitched voices some girls have. Or one of those sexy lounge singer voices.

- Whenever any song from the Beach Boys comes on, I can actually feel my mood get better. Their songs make me so happy. When I was younger I had the California Girls tape and I completely wore it out.


djb said...

Only on your blog. Excellent.

vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

that shopping cart thing used to make me looney- then I had a baby and realized that there is a huge delema when you either have to leave the cart out or the baby alone in the car.... now I have a new found place in my heart for stray carts. :)

Cris Siqueira said...

i'm laughing here cause i also did something weird when i'm concentrated: i'm used to put my tongue between my lips. i have a uncle and a sister that use to do the same thing.

i love your list!!

jane said...


MODsquad said...

Ha! Hilarious list! I agree about the shopping carts!

P.S. said...

I have an ugly squinty face too! And I get happy listening to the Beach Boys! And no I REALLY am the worst at math? Wait, are we the same person?

No, no that can't be right. I NEVER return my shopping cart.

bon bon said...

I am the same way about the carts... and Jon is the opposite. I wish I had known that two years ago ... :) And water torture - have you seen how they do that? It's truly gruesome. Google it. Or don't. Ew.

Your list cracked me up. Even after all these years there are still things to learn about you. Love it. See you tomorrow!