Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 08'

Thanksgiving was delightful. Ate so much I thought I was going to pop..

My mom outdid herself with her turkey, stuffing, gravy, pie (homemade crusts)
My sister with her potatoes, rolls, and bean dish
I even contributed with a fruit salad and vegetable tian. (I will post that recipe soon.)

Love this time of year. We finished up the night with a little decorating, and A Christmas Story. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I think I am ready for a little Christmas snow! (I say that now, but will probably change my mind the minute I have to scrape it off my car at 6 a.m.)

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rYLeE & KaTiE said...

Sounds like fun. I totally hear you on the eating until you "pop" part of your post... I just keep telling myself "Maintain, don't gain... Maintain, don't gain.... Maintain, don't gain..."