Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's that time again..

Some enjoy Fantasy Football. They love researching, getting drafting tips, and strategizing. Nobody makes fun of these people. Okay, some people might make fun. But for the most part, it's a way for guys to bond. To feel important.

I prefer the female version of this sort of thing. Some of my friends and I (I won't name names) get together and we draft our picks. We scrutinize the "players" and we okay, I make a chart. Not just any chart, a Bachelor chart.

Each episode we strip the chart of the girl (or player if you prefer) that just didn't cut it. Each episode we get closer and closer to finding which of our picks are going to make it. In the mean time we see a similar thing the guys see. We see players duking it out. We see blood, sweat, tears. And the most important, we see the girl who drinks far too much, cries to the camera and contemplates why she is 35 and not married.

We see the girls steal the ball (the guy) from the others. We see the other girls tackle the ball (the guy) We see the girls make blunders that will go down in Bachelor history. My husband may make fun of my intensity. But to be fair, this is just a girls football game of sorts. So bring it..

That's right. It's time for the Bachelor. And anyone who wants to join the party is invited.

Caity's Apartment

Game Day: January 5th 2009

Game Time: 6:00 p.m. (2 hour episode)

There will be treats served, there will be prizes given. Please be prepared with your top 15 girls. I will be giving out prizes for categories such as:

Which girl do you think will win the 1st impression rose?

Which girl will become the most hysteric when not chosen?

Which girl will drink too much and embarrass herself?

Who will the mean girl be?

So if you feel like joining us on GAME DAY, you're invited. And yes, there will be a chart. But not some flimsy weak sauce chart. NO, this one will be legendary.



I'm SOOOOO excited! Me and my sisters are going to have a little party as well! It will be fun following it with you!

Amber said...

I might make an appearance, if you are so lucky! Just Kidding!!! I think I have your address on my email but if not I might be calling you!

caitlin said...

Um you better be attending!!!

Me said...

I need to know the result, that sounds like so much fun. You are always creative!

Katie said...

I so wanted to come but Mondays are HORRIBLE in general but yesterday the kids started school again and it was just a crazy day. I'm sad I missed it.