Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A couple random things for your Wednesday..

1: If you are an avid Bachelor/ette watcher, you should watch this.

2: If you are looking for an awesome Christmas album you should check out this.

3: Am currently reading this

.. and loving it so far. (thanks Lindsey for the recommendation)

4: If you are not the biggest snow fan, maybe you should read this.

5: If you have a cold or are sick (like me) you should eat Cafe Rio's chicken soup. I had some last night with my mom and it soothed my throat perfectly.

6: This will remain the funniest YOUTUBE video I have ever seen. (Bob and I tried to dance like them in our apartment)



Great post! Poor Jesse-I think we all saw that coming. I'm way excited for the new season in January! Go Jason! That Youtube video is hilarious!

katiekimmcdermott said...

Thanks for the shout-out in the Wednesday blog! Fun post.... I love posts like these...

I need to read The Book Thief too... I have so many I need to read.

P.S. said...

Love that CD!!! I must must must have it. That for the recommendations.

Kim said...

Was that a rip off from Grease at the end of that video? Thanks for the mid-week laugh!

StuandSom said...

thank you for that youtube me and stu were in aww of the amazing choreography!