Monday, December 8, 2008

slightly embarrassing when..

you pull up to the drive through window, accidentally drop your credit card on the ground when paying..

try to open the door, and see that you can't because you pulled too close..

glance in your rear view window to find a cop car that is so close you can't back up..

see the cop snickering at you as you try to squeeze your body through an opening that is not made for your "not as skinny as you were when you got married body"..

squeeze through while tearing and scratching your clothing and skin..

bend over to pick up the card and when getting back up bump your head..

say words that i won't print on this blog out of respect for my mother..

and then squeeze back in with the same difficulty, pay, and escape the glaring and laughing that is going on behind.. not to mention the lady at the drive up trying not to laugh..

only to look in your bag and see they forgot part of your order.. and maybe throwing a temper tantrum.

happy monday.


rYLeE & KaTiE said...

I did this once in college except instead of a cop being behind me in line it was a totally gorgeous guy!! Tragic, right? Then I got set up on a blind date with him like 3 weeks later, and the 1st thing he said to me was "Hey, you're that girl from Arbys, right?"

Sorry your Monday started out stupid. I hope you are starting to feel better!!

Mindy said...

The good thing is ... your day can only get BETTER!!! Gotta love those most embarrassing moments :)

melissa e. said...

I lost your blog for a bit there. But don't worry, I'm back. And you're linked.

...I know you were worried.

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

oh oh oh that is soooo funny,,, sad for you, but funny for just about everyone else :) Very true what others have said, your day could only get better :)