Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Eric was nice enough to host a little get together on Halloween. He made us homemade chili, corn bread and even homemade root beer.
He decided that he would just make it costume optional so no one really opted to go the costume route. I still wanted to be somewhat festive so I painted my face..
I was going to do a cat face like I always do, but this year I wanted something scary. I realized it was the first year I had ever done that. I felt pretty cool.
Jess said she was wearing a costume. She was a pregnant BYU co-ed.

We played the Wii, hung out and laughed. It was a very relaxing night.

Thanks Eric!


Anonymous said...

Caitlin - I wouldn't have known that was you! Great job on the face painting! Looks like a fun night.

H&M said...

You guys are so silly! I'm glad you had a great Halloween and I hope your are having a great time getting settled in to your new place. :)

MisterE said...

And thank you for coming!!

Anonymous said...

crazy fun!