Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sarah Jane

One of my favorite Etsy artists Sarah Jane is actioning this adorable calendar set on her site. It's for a good cause, you should check it out here.


Scott and Lindsey said...

I love her stuff. I have seen her work at the "Oh Sweet Sadie" boutiques.
It is crazy about that plane crash. So sad. It makes you realize how fragile our lives are. I heard about it somewhere and have been following the story. The auction is great idea. I know it will have a lot of support. I will have to check it out too.

Katie McDermott said...

Ok, I really love her stuff. I have never seen it before, but I am totally in love with it. Elephants and rabbits are my favorite animals in the whole world so there are like 10 things I want to order... My husband, not so happy- Me, thrilled! Good thing I'm the one that brings home the money.... :)

caitlin said...

I know! I am in love with her stuff. I have bought a couple things, and visited her booth at the Sweet Sadie show. I also think it's great she is trying to help out.