Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look who's here..

Bob's brother Mike is here in town with us over the holiday. So far we have eaten (a lot) and watched movies. It's always fun to have Mikey around. When Bob and Mike get together they have me laughing my guts out. It makes me sad I have to work instead of hanging out with them.

Now we are just trying to think of something fun to do on New Years. Any suggestions?


Kim said...

Man those Selle's have beautiful eyes!!!! I hear there is a huge 3 day party downtown...don't you live downtown? I tell ya...the Brick Oven is our tradition!

P.S. said...

I heard that Eve thing is supposed to be fun this year, with lots of good bands and stuff! We'll be at the Melting Pot if you'd like to join us!