Friday, December 18, 2009

Barbie Mansion

A couple nights ago, I had a dream about time travel. When I woke up I was a little disappointed that it wasn't really possible. Around the holiday's I get nostalgic and my mind drifts back to the "good ol' days".

I think if I could choose one Christmas to revisit, I would choose this one. The year I got my Barbie Mansion. Oh man, if I could just get my hands on that thing again. It was the ultimate. Not only did it have a fridge that opened with plastic food inside, floral blow up furniture, but a moving elevator. I mean Barbie wouldn't settle for less.

I miss those days of anticipation for Santa to come. Having the hardest time getting my eyes to close so I could sleep. And then having my brother sneak into my room the next morning, pluck a hair from my head, and tickle my nose with it until I woke up to go check out the presents.

Then we would all sneak into the front room and find it sectioned off into each kids presents. (Mine were always around the piano.) Santa had wrapped my presents all the same, but made sure to wrap my siblings each in different wrapping paper so we could easily find all of the goods that belonged to us.

Then we would get to it. Each of us would escape to our spot, and let the paper fly. What I find interesting now is, that I'm not as anxious to hop into that time machine for the presents, as I am to sit back and watch our little family. All of us together, with our parents watching lovingly as the excitement filled the air.

Man, today I wish I were friends with Doc Brown..


jane said...

what a sweet memory. i remember when i got the barbie convertible... warm hugs dear caitlin.

Bonnie said...

Oh yes... Christmas Memories... What I love is that your shirt says "Follow Me" - where are you going? I'll follow you anywhere as long as I get to play with that mansion with you!

Bonnie said...

On a side note, I've been way too busy to read your blog lately and I just got caught up. LOVE the new header. And LOVE the silky shirt pic. Hot.

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I think with the baby the 'magic' is coming back. watching him see all this excitement for the first time is amazing!