Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I decided to give my parents part of their Christmas gift early. It was just a small 5x7 picture of a street. Herbert Avenue. Odd? Yes, to most people it would be a weird gift. But for my parents, it seemed to be just the right thing.

My parents call each other Herbert. They have since shortened it to Herb in later years. Why? No idea. I have absolutely no clue where it started, or why, but I love it. I love that they have found a unique "pet name". None of this honey bear, sweetie pie stuff. It just wouldn't suit them.

I would come home from school and see a scribbled note they had exchanged. It would say something like..


Could you take out the garbage?


My parents are not the most physically affectionate, but they have the best little ways of expressing love. It's never a big show with them. It's just for each other. They are one of the best examples of a good marriage I can think of. I also think it helps to have a sense of humor to be called Herbert all of the time.


sonya audrey said...

That's the sweetest little story I've heard in a long time! :) I want to be a Herbert!

And what a wonderful gift! I bet they loved it. :)

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

this is super sweet.
see you are totally in the spirit of the season...

melissa said...

What a cute idea!

My husband never seems to call me by my first name. Maybe he'd like something like "Hank" beter than Melissa.

jane said...

i love this. and i´m sure they will too. hugs!

MisterE said...

This post was the highlight of my day! I love your parents.

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Nice Herbert's portrait... and original and funny present ;)

The VIPs said...

that is the cutest pet name ever