Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She torched Neil?.. You're right, she is a monster.

This man has magical sultry powers.. not to mention a glorious mane of hair.. (on his head and chest.)

You may be thinking, "Wait, is that Neil Diamond?".. "No, it's not just Neil Diamond.. it's pop music's most enduring and successful singer-songwriter. Oh and one more thing. He's magic.


When Bob and I were first dating we went on a group date with about three other couples. One of the couples was on a blind date. We decided to come back to my parents house after the date to watch Fever Pitch. There's a scene in it when Neil Diamond's song Sweet Caroline starts playing, and since it's a movie about baseball, they play it and the whole stadium starts singing.

Here's where the charismatic words of Mr. Diamond came into effect. The song starts. Eric starts singing all of the words.. "Where it began.." Then a few more of us start singing.. "Hands, touching hands.." We couldn't help it. Soon the entire room was boisterously singing "SWEET CAROLINE!! DUN DUN DUN!" (It's just one of those songs you can't help but sing!)

Okay, when I say the whole room was singing, that's a fib. There was one guy (that was on the blind date) that was looking around in disbelief. Was this really happening? Seriously? Neil Diamond? Apparently the "magic" wasn't working on him.

We just looked over at him and simply stated, "You can't fight Neil. Put on your heart light." (He maybe never hung out with us again.)

(**Title quote from Saving Silverman)


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I do love me some Neil.
and saving silverman.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a scene right out of a chick flick! ha ha


The VIPs said...

my love of Neil is hereditary- my Mom (51 years old) made my Dad drive her to Salt Lake to see him in concert and brought back a poster that she seriously considered hanging in their bedroom before my Dad put the kibosh on it.

MisterE said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! That was the best night and reliving it now, I can't help but smile. Thanks for the good times Neil.

melissa said...

Funny story...Bart loves Neil Diamond. I don't. He listens to him on his IPOD when he jogs. Really. Who does that? I'm always making fun of him for his music. And Kaden loves belting out "Sweet Caroline."

Oh heavens, I hate chest hair. Is it really glorious?

Lindsey said...

I loved Balboa Park. We ate a yummy restaurant there. I totally don't remember the name, but it was right in the middle. Also, there was an Annie Liebowitz exhibit going on at one of the museum's in the park.
It is a really beautiful park. I would definitely recommend going. There is a fun dessert restaurant called Exclusive Desserts (I think) right outside. We went and had a super late cake run there. Super fun. The line goes out the door though!

H&M said...

I didn't know "Sweet Caroline" back then so I wasn't singing either, however, I laughed like crazy at you guys! It was amazing to see the whole room burst into song! Now whenever I hear that song I can't help thinking of that night. :) Gooood times!!!!

MODsquad said...

Ha! Hilarious!

You totally can't fight the power of Neil! Oh, and your right... that hair!