Monday, July 20, 2009

Random July Weekend

This weekend we decided we needed to keep it low key. Bob had a ton of homework, and I needed some rest. (I haven't been sleeping much since the weather has taken on a furnace like quality.) So we just chillaxed. I took my niece Jessica out to lunch for her birthday on Saturday.

Then that night Jessica, Gavin, and London invited us to go to fireworks with them. (Who knew Draper Days was such a big deal?) It was nice to just snack on treats and enjoy the night watching fireworks and watching London watch the fireworks. It was darling seeing her get so excited about them.

After the fireworks, we said goodbye to the Swenson's and went to the drive-in movies. There's something about drive-in's in the summer that makes me incredibly happy.

It's a short work week for me because of the holiday, which makes this a very happy Monday!


P.S. said...

Bob is sporting some sweet shades!

jane said...

love the shots with your words. looks like a great time. they set up giant screens on the beaches here. that´s the closest we have to a drive-in. happy week!

Cris Siqueira said...

hi caitlin
your niece looks like you, so much!!


Kim said...

Can't believe you came to Draper Days and didn't bother to drop by...rude!!!
We watched them from our front yard :) Love Draper Days!!!

Scott and Lindsey said...

Drive-in's are my favorite. I love everything about it. Packing a picnic, people watching, lying down in the car with a bunch of pillows.
We should double sometime, you know when I have a day off :)