Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Our holiday weekend started out with lunch and shopping with the Swenson's, Eric, and some people from Jess's work. I munched on this little bug's cheeks for lunch.

Then Eric, Bob and I went swimming. I was surprised we had the pool almost all to ourselves. (Well except for the "too tan" 90 year old man in his speedo.. quite a sight.)

Then it was off to dinner. These three met up with us. The restaurant had hardly any people. It surprised me how empty the city felt this weekend. We each got a dessert with our meals.. so let's just say I may have eaten entirely too much pasta and sweets. I found a new favorite dessert though. (Oh and I also snacked on Elle Peanut 's cheeks.)

(On a side note Eric and the BobCat may have stayed up way too late playing "old school" Mario Kart.)

Then on Saturday we met up with the Hagen's and went to Ruth's Diner up in the canyons and then to a park for frisbee. It was perfect weather outside and I ate the yummiest meatloaf burger. (Oh and in between my burger I munched on Ella Bean)

Later that day Bob and I went to long board the U of U. (Which is pretty scary.) I have a video of me I will post later.

We ended our evening by long boarding to Sugar House park. (I may have fallen again.. and I may have done it in front of a few people who laughed.. oh well.) We watched a splendid firework show and then went home.

Then on Sunday we had a BBQ with my parents. It was a delightful weekend. Hope everyone had a fun safe holiday. It was sort of hard pulling myself out of bed this morning. I wonder if it had anything to do with all the sleeping in I did this weekend?


P.S. said...

Looks like a good 'ol time! The sorbetto was delicious! But too bad that picture of me is heinous!

Kim said...

Those babies are all darling!!!! Love London...she's getting so big!

katiekimmcdermott said...

Glad you had a nice holiday! Looks like it was jam packed with friends-food-and fun!

Anonymous said...

such great photos - wow! happy fourth (and very cute babies!)

Demara said...

nice firework pic.

nice munchie cheeks.

meatloaf burger? hmm...sounds good. maybe :0/

it was hard to get out of bed here today too...prob. 'cause it's raining!

the weekend was so dry and hot up country and then we come back home down to the coast near Seattle and it's ugly weather. :P oh well, I guess we need to cool off sometime eh?

hope you get caught up on the sleeping schedule, pppfff

Mary-Laure said...

Oh adorable babies! I feel like kissing their cute cheeks.

MisterE said...

Thanks for a fun weekend!

H&M said...

I love that you long board now, you are SO AWESOME!!!!!