Friday, January 6, 2012

Sail Away..

(I am going through pictures from 2011 that I haven't posted, and found these. Trying to catch up on the blog.)

In September our friend Shawn took us on his sailboat. We sailed on the GSL, and it was beautiful. We even got caught in a storm. It made for a fun adventure on the high seas.

I think so many people have a bad impression of the Great Salt Lake because they visit and there are brine flies everywhere and it smells.  But once you get out on the water that all goes away, and the water is so serene.

There was even some synchronized swimming that went on.  Love our random adventures.

(On a side note blogger is driving me crazy.  I hate the new settings and how it spaces things. Gr.)


melissa said...

Pretty pictures! And a unique adventure ta boot!

I'm with ya_HATE blogger. It's so un-user friendly & takes forever to post something because of the dumb spacing.

Heather said...

i love that you are posting again. I miss your humor.

These photos are great. I would love to head out sailing sometime, for some reason I forget that you can use the Great Salt Lake...