Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Campout

Eric threw together a great camping trip for Memorial Day Weekend. And as you can see it was testosterone filled. The BobCat got to hang out with all the Johnson Bro's. Who were all a riot and incredibly nice. Even the adopted Johnson brother R. Gnome attended the camp out..

Did it rain? Yes. Yes it did. Did that stop us from having a fun time? Um, no. Not even close. What did we do?

We fished..

Wait, Caity.. is that your very own pink fishing pole? Yep.. meet Tina.

You may be a little skeptical about a pink pole.. I mean does it really catch anything? The answer is yes, I caught a couple of very interesting things..

The reservoir we camped by was gorgeous. This is what it looked like the first couple of days..

..and then the sun showed up and it looked like this as we left..

After fishing we decided to visit this place..

Turns out the Little Grand Canyon isn't so little..

The next day it cleared up so we headed to Goblin Valley..

While the rest of us climbed around, Eric came face to face with the boulder from Indiana Jones..

Then we drove to Little Wild Horse. I had never been, and was blown away by how pretty the slot canyon was. Next time you're in Southern Utah I would definitely recommend it.. but there were localized storms and since there is always a risk of flash floods we were pretty much the only people there. (Got to have a little adventure right?)

This is Eric and me trying to illustrate how it was a tad sketchy..

Did I mention it was a slot canyon, and did I mention I am extremely claustrophobic? We got to this point in the trail and I got a little skeerred. So Bob was nice enough to stay back with me and he even made me feel better by defacing a rock with our initials.. (kidding.. there was no defacing it rubbed right off)

There were many cookies eaten.. many tinfoil dinners cooked and many marshmallows roasted. Thanks to all the guys who kept me well fed and the fire going so I didn't freeze..

I had so much fun with these boys and can't wait to do it again soon. (I'll supply the homemade oreos!)

Did I mention Bob's Bronco was brought back from the dead? Bob and I were pretty happy to have our camping mobile back.

Even though the weekend started with this..

We ended up with this..

And I was able to hang out with some of my favorite people..

So that's our camp out.. what did you do?


melissa said...

You're a trooper (and quite the photographer). I only pretended to like camping until I got married.

vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

what an awesome trip. really pretty spots you got to check out!

MisterE said...

Ha, great pictures! Thanks for coming campint with all us boys, it was really fun!

MODsquad said...

Awesome! I'm ready to go camping now!!

Um, speaking of homemade Oreos... I think a post dedicated to them is in order!

MODsquad said...

Oh, now I get it... are you and Mister E related? Brother-in-law maybe? I was thinking, "Oh, Mister E should read this post because a gnome went camping with them, he would totally dig this!" Then I read his comment. Wow... I'm rambling... It's been a long day!

jane said...

hey caitlin! GREAT POST! love the writing, love the photos- i swear i wish it was longer! you make me happy.:)

Lindsey Lu said...

where the heck did you get your pink pole???? seriously my husband has been looking for one for me for years... I have a purple one and it is alright Ha ha.. but I need a pink one!! love the pictures :) i love the butter one that is so my kids!!have you seen that buttertons??? that would be my kids :)SO GALD YOU HAD A GOOD TIME :)

Coleman Family said...

Oh looks soooo fun, I'm glad it turned out good.

caitlin said...

Lindsey, we got the pole from Dicks Sporting goods downtown. It was only 25 bucks! It works really well too!

MisterE said...

Um..I just realized that everyone is wearing a hat in your collage, even RG!!

djb said...

Great picture journal of your trip. I've never seen LGC or GV -- thanks for showing them. (Nice to see mr. gnome out for a good time)

jgy said...

Looks like I'm late for the camping and early for the beach.
So I'll enjoy this moment of being here and breathing in the fresh air of your joyful posts that linger in between.
Happy Today!