Monday, May 4, 2009

BobCat Banter

Last night I decided to finally watch something Bob had recorded for me about a year ago. This was pre-tivo so it was on VHS (We still have a prehistoric VHS player?? Yes, I can hear the gasps.)

I was watching a re-run that Vh1 had played of the very first Bachelorette. Bob came in, plopped down on the bed and watched it with me for a bit.

(Before you read on, you should know Bob likes to tease me.. relentlessly.. especially when he knows I am trying to do something. He says he likes how he can always get a reaction out of me.. then says, it's kind of like when you poke a baby, to see it's reaction. Yes, one more reason why we shouldn't have children.. although.. then maybe he could bug them.. yeah, really shouldn't be parents yet.)

Bob- "What are you watching?"

Cat- "This is that show you recorded for me a year ago"

Bob- "Wow, all of these guys have really bad hair." "And what are they all wearing?"

Cat- "Well you do have to remember this was like 10 years ago, the styles have changed a bit."

Bob- "First you tell me I recorded this for you a year ago, and now it's ten?"

Cat- "It's a re-run"

Bob- "Listen Caity, I'm pretty sure I didn't record this ten years ago.. I mean I was 17."

Cat- "We didn't even know each other ten years ago, you nerd."

Bob- "Oh so now you retract your previous statement?"

Cat- "Why are you trying to aggravate me?"

Bob- "Wow, after ten years of marriage you sure have gotten grumpy."

Cat- (rolling eyes) I bet Trista never has to deal with this from Ryan.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comment about my blog Cat. Well if you flight over to Marseille let me know of course :)
I lke your blog. If is very special, I haven't seen one like that so far. Very Good idea. x Nathale

Anonymous said...

Bob IS very good at poking!!

Jess said...

Too funny! Is it sad that I can actually hear this conversation in my head?

MisterE said...

No, no, he has a point!

Scott and Lindsey said...

Back in my regular work days I used to watch whatever was on TV at 6. This meant I became addicted to La Femme Nikita and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Scott was banned from being in the room with me. I couldn't watch the shows in all seriousness with him making fun of me. Of course, he could tell you all about Spike and his obsession with Buffy--secret fan.

MODsquad said...

Ha!! Isn't marriage grand!!

Anonymous said...