Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day Two/Austin TX

We started our second day out by dropping Bob and my dad off at Franklin's BBQ to wait for a whopping 3.5 hrs. in line for food.  While Eric, my mom, and I explored the city of Austin.

We started out at the Capitol.  It's huge, and really cool.

After the Capitol we headed to the college.

We finished up before we met the boys at a park that had an awesome view of the city.

Then it was time for BBQ at Franklin's.  It was fall off the bone, and so good.  The best pulled pork sandwich of my life.

Then we headed on a road trip to visit Lake Travis, and the Oasis that rests on it.

Then we finished up our day with some dinner, dessert, and great views of the city.

Austin is such a cool city.

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melissa said...

it all looks very, very delightful!