Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day One/Austin, TX

We flew into San Antonio and then started our drive to Austin.  The first day of our trip the weather was gorgeous.  The sun was shining, the windows were down, and I was one happy girl.  (Utah was getting pelted with snow.)

Once we got into Austin, we took a very pretty drive through the middle of nowhere to The Salt Lick.  Had to start our trip off right.

The BBQ was amazing.  Probably the best ribs we had the whole trip.  Which is saying a lot because we went to a million BBQ joints.  The turkey was amazing too.  The only thing that was unpleasant was the whole jalapeno I bit into.  Don't know what I was thinking. All I know is that it felt like I blacked out for a second.

We had been traveling all day, so after dinner we drove to our hotels and slept so we could hit it hard the next day.

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