Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Epic Adventure {the rest of our trip}

Some highlights of our stay in Boulder City. 
1. Winning 85 dollars from the penny slots with just one dollar.
2. The Hoover Dam video.  Bob's favorite. 
3. The How I Met Your Mother shirt.
4. Vegan Donuts.
5. Finally getting a shower.

The last day we decided we better check out Hoover Dam.  It was pretty cool, but everything was expensive and it was super hot.  So we just looked around for a bit and drove home.

It took us forever just to get out of Vegas with the crazy freeways.  So we didn't get home until midnight.  I might have forgotten to mention that Bob had a really bad cold the whole trip, and it just kept getting worse.  So when we got home Bob and I had to head straight to the ER to get him checked out.  We didn't get home to bed until 4 a.m.  Needless to say, I slept the whole next day.

The trip was awesome.  It was something I could see doing again, and makes me want to push myself more.  I also am hoping this turns into somewhat of a tradition.  I'm thinking the four of us need to go to Yosemite next year and hike Half Dome or something. 

Speaking of our partners in crime.  A HUGE thank you to Ami and Jon. For not only being awesome travel companions. But for taking most of the pictures from the trip. I am still reeling that I didn't at least buy a disposable camera!  I did take this awesome one though.  Ah, the Honey Pig.  Thanks again for an epic trip guys.

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