Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Epic Adventure {Day Four}

I have very few pictures to show you of day four. Why? Because that hike was brutal. We actually cruised through most of the hike with ease since we didn't have our packs weighing us down on the way out. But the last part was Hell. (This picture the only taken on the hike out of our campgrounds, and thankfully the only creepy crawly we saw the whole trip.)

There is this long gradual incline as you approach the switchbacks that provides no shade, and is quite the workout. So by the time you get to the actual switchbacks you are worn out, and it feels like you will never reach the top. (This picture was taken after the hill and right before the switch backs.)

I was proud of myself for doing as well as I did. (I think it helped I was at the gym at least 4 days a week prior to going on the hike.) I'm not saying I did awesome, but I did okay. The part that I was the most proud of, was about half way up I was completely exhausted and Bob suggested we get an "old man" pace going where we got into a rhythm and not stop until we get to the top.
It was such a mind game to not stop every time there was shade. And honestly people thought we were crazy as we passed them by. But it was quite the accomplishment mentally. Especially for me, since I usually just stop when I'm tired, instead of pushing myself to my limits.
My mantra the whole time was "cheeseburger, french fries, ranch, diet coke" over and over, and believe it or not, it helped. :)
I will tell you what, when we got to the end there was a mix of wanting to kiss the ground, screaming, and falling over from exhaustion. But I also felt a lot of pride. It was hard, but worth it.(I told everyone we had to take our "after pictures, and as you can see we were all pretty done with that crazy hike.)
Bob was nice enough to get us all cold Popsicles and drinks, and drive us back to the town. We were covered in dirt and exhausted. We finally got to Boulder City (where we staying later that night) and ran to the showers. We ate a yummy dinner, and hopped in the jacuzzi and then collapsed in bed. Just one more post about the remainder of our trip and our epic adventure comes to a close.

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