Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girl's Dinner

Had dinner Friday night with these cute girls. The only difference from the picture above is that Bonnie was the one pregnant and London wasn't hiding in Jess's belly.

(this one is my favorite, because we're all barely in the picture, but London managed to get at least one eye in)

Jon made us a yummy dinner and even hung out with us for a bit.

We hung out and planned Bonnie's baby shower. But the highlight of the evening had to be the fun with the cookie cutters. Bonnie had a million and there were some that were very indecipherable.

(Doesn't Bonnie look like Jem?!)

While there I took a few pictures of the pregnant mama so we can put them out at her shower. This one was my favorite. (I love how pregnant women seem to glow.)


Jess said...

So, none of those are flattering pictures of me...I should probably lose that baby weight and wear make up, huh? It was a fun night though!

Katie said...

So fun!

Bonnie is such a cute preggo lady!

Lindsey Lu said...

hey look beautiful just the way you are!!!

so i'm super pissed!!! I move and don't get to be on my computer until tonight and you have a contest and are getting really cute shoes for easter and all sorts of stuff...dang you for not putting your life on hold for me....j/k...I'm back..and I love all the post!!!!!CONGRATS MINDY!!!!I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!

Bonnie said...

oh caity you are so sweet... thanks girls for a fun night. I love you! And that pic is pretty darn cute. You're amazing!