Monday, February 28, 2011

Minute to Win it

My friends helped me celebrate my birthday this year by organizing a rad game of Minute to Win it. We had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came and made it so fun. And thanks to Bonnie and Jon for letting us tear your house apart!

It was alright though, Ella put on her heels and got right to work cleaning up after the chaos.

Everything was perfect from the food..

.. to the company.

I am so blessed to have so many great people in my life. Getting older isn't so bad when you are surrounded by those you love.


melissa said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!!!!

The VIPs said...

happy birthday! love the last picture

Katie said...

I agree, the last pic is the best. Happy Birthday! It was so much fun!

And, we rock the noodles. (Ain't that the shhhh?! Ain't that the shhhh?!)

bon bon said...

Ah, yes. I'm getting to this post 3 MONTHS late... so sorry. We had a blast celebrating you and love you so much. Thanks for being you.