Monday, January 24, 2011

Aubrie and Greg's Maternity Pictures

Aubrie didn't want the typical maternity shots. She just wanted to get a couple shots of her and her husband relaxing at home on the couch. And maybe one or two of her belly for a baby book. I was really happy with how they turned out, very "slice of life". Also, I am amazed at how good Aubrie looks. We took these about a week before her due date.

Their sweet little baby was born last Tuesday with something called Ebstein's Anomaly. Poor little guy has been hanging out at Primary Children's. Lots of prayers being sent their way. I can't wait to finally meet little Cooper. He has so much hair, and in my opinion looks just like Aubrie.


Renée said...

Totally love them too. Great job!!Love the "slice of life" feel.

Hope Cooper is hanging in as well as Mom and Dad.

melissa said...

so sweet. you are a good friend to do that. and best of all to them.

bon bon said...

I love these pictures! The lighting is so great - and they just look so happy! Good luck to the little one!